Our vision

You have the power to shape the world, and everything starts with a thought: from playing a game, to winning one; from wanting to become an astronaut, to being one - it's all up to you and your attention. Neurotechnology turns thinking into action, so that you can turn it into reality.

Our mission

We integrate neurotechnology into products that excite you. That means Gaming, IoT, Cyber-security. It means playing a game with your thoughts, turning on the lights by thinking of it, unlocking the car door with your brain signature.
We unleash your mind.

NeuralEcho Labs | Values: think more

At NeuralEcho Labs we advance humankind, and the progress starts with ourselves. So we never stop learning, we're never done.
We're complex and complicated beings, and satisfaction doesn't come from one place. So it starts with thinking more and acting with confidence in every aspect of our lives.

NeuralEcho Labs | Values: think free

Because this is who we are: new, old, introverts, outgoing, shy, larger than life, weirdos and social chameleons.
We act free because our thoughts are free to support our actions; and we thrive as a multicultural, diverse and inclusive company.

NeuralEcho Labs | Values: think big

We think big, so that even when we start inside a box, we grow out of it. And we encourage you to do the same.
We encourage you to fail with the confidence that doing it again and again will make you succeed. And when you succeed, we succeed with you.

Our people

Alex is a Computer Science and Visual Effects hybrid. Today he's into Startups, R&D and Engineering. He played every game genre possible, twice.

CEO/CTO (Founder)
NeuralEcho Labs | LinkedIn link

Horia likes to play Portal and Escape from Tarkov. He's a passionate cybersecurity engineer and rides his bike whenever he gets a chance.

Early Investor (Founding Member)

Peter wrote his own CMS tool before focusing more on Business and Human Resources. He likes competitive First Person Shooters.

Non-Exec Director
NeuralEcho Labs | LinkedIn link

Anca is an Engineer turned Marketer. During her journey through Microsoft, CertSIGN, Exivity, she developed a deep love for hip-hop music.

Brand Strategist
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Den is the Gen Z Alpha gamer. His passion for Virtual Reality doesn't stop at playing games, but goes into creating and designing them too.

Community Lead
NeuralEcho Labs | Discord link

Thibault plays First Person Shooters to keep in touch with his best friend. That, when he's not composing for awesome video games and films.

Music & Sound Design
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Vitor is a CryEngine guru. He sometimes becomes emotional talking about the Crysis series. His passion for 3D shows in every model he makes.

3D Technical Artist
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