Our work
Our Work


EEG and Brain-Computer Interfaces

・Novel method for detection of the K-complex waveform in EEG during NREM・
・Adaptive Time-Frequency parameterisation of epileptic spikes・
・Multi sensorial system that detects driver drowsiness・
・Wavelet compression of EEG data using TMS320C6211・
・Joint time-frequency EEG analysis・

NeuralEcho Labs | Work in EEG and Brain Computer Interfaces

3D and Computer Vision

・3D point-cloud and joint deformation applied research・
・Time aware ML model architectures for 3D animations・
・Hybrid system of 3D realistically generated speech animations・

NeuralEcho Labs | Work in 3D and Computer Vision

Generic Artificial Intelligence

・DNN architectures for EEG signal encoding/decoding・
・AI system for fall detection and prediction・
・NLP framework to identify theft of personal information on social media・

NeuralEcho Labs | Work in AI
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