How is the Neurogamer using NVIDIA technology

August 15, 2023

NeuralEcho Labs has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures startups revolutionising industries with technological advancements.

NVIDIA, the program creator, is the leader in the Hardware sector for GPUs, both for Gaming and Data Centres. Their Hardware strong status is matched by their Software, APIs and SDKs, being innovators in AI - their CUDA architecture still having no equal - and 3D - their advances in Neural Rendering, Ray-Tracing or DLSS performance improvements creating most of the awesome 3D graphics we see today.

VRWorks, however, is something that we're really excited about for the Neurogamer.

NeuralEcho Labs | The Neurogamer
The Neurogamer - a VR headset that reads minds

How are we leveraging NVIDIA's tech?

Artificial Intelligence.

One of the most important features of the Neurogamer is the ability to read thoughts, mental patterns and integrate them into the virtual world.

This means that a lot of data is interpreted in real time, and transformed into something meaningful: commands, triggers or information for the game you're playing.

  • Training AI (ML/DL/Computer Vision) models for the Brain-Computer Interface Gaming module.
  • Edge AI: because our priority is the user's privacy, all of the identifiable data is processed on-device, never leaving the user's living room; this requires the latest advances in miniaturising AI model and ensuring performance and reliability.

Using NVIDIA technology means we're experimenting faster, using more data, training more complex models.

It means we're making the Neurogamer better.

VR Content.

If it weren't for our unique implementation of the Brain-Computer Interface data in the Virtual Reality world, the Neurogamer would be a very interesting toy without a real purpose.

While most of the functionality of the Neurogamer is compatible with existing Games and Apps, the true value sits inside the content designed specifically for its innovative capabilities.

NeuralEcho Labs | Pavlov VR render
Pavlov VR uses NVIDIA technology called VRSS - Variable Rate SuperSampling

As a standalone VR headset with PCVR features, we're designing new, engaging Virtual Reality content specifically for mind control and interaction.

There are many more reasons why being a member of NVIDIA Inception program will benefit our engineers, our pipelines, our company as a whole, and most importantly, the Neurogamer.

We're very happy that the Neurogamer benefits from the best support it can get. Thus, the experience we can provide to Gamers and Tech Enthusiasts all around, will be the best as well.

That's why we're here.

NeuralEcho Labs | The Neurogamer
The Neurogamer
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