When mind and music unite

July 11, 2023

Who doesn't love a good tune? That pattern of sounds arranged in such a way that makes our brains release some good chemicals whenever we hear it.

The earliest musical instruments date from around 50,000 years ago, shaped like organic flutes.

Today? From spooky theremins to entire songs with vocals created by AI - anything is possible.

Music with the mind

In the past 10 years music-making involving brain wave signals started getting heat.

Aaron Thomen was using his mind's frequency bands to control different patterns on his MIDI keyboard.

Canadian artist Maxime Michaud uses a set of biosignals with the same effect.

On another level, researchers are reading the mind in real-time to change the music based on mental states.

NeuralEcho Labs | Music-based affective BCI
A brain-computer interface for music-based emotion mediation

This way, Kat Arges and Stefan Elrich want to use music as a direct feedback method and controller of human moods.

Our newest colleague at NeuralEcho Labs, Thibault Chavanis, has worked for amazing video games (we all love Star Wars!) and films.

His mind-related passion lies in figuring out how can we enhance human cognition through the use of certain sound frequencies and patterns.

NeuralEcho Labs | Thibault Chavanis, composer and sound producer
Thibault Chavanis, composer and sound producer @ NeuralEcho Labs

Check out his impressive IMDb page.

The not so distant future

Imagine you're humming a song in your head.

After 10-15 seconds, your smart speaker starts playing it in the living room. Like a Shazam for your mind.

Mental states are an important factor in music creation.

Artists use their emotions to make great music.

NeuralEcho Labs | Thought-generated music
Unleashing your mind in music

There's not a long way to go until we can use a happy or sad memory to influence the rhythm of our AI generated beat.

After all, the subjective experience of a memory will not be reproduced for quite a while.

And while playing a game.

The soundtrack will change based on your emotions. Fear or calmness can easily make the shift from an epic orchestra to an eerie beat.

Friends with AI.

Artificial Intelligence opens many doors - generative AI can empower artists.

Today's progress spans from almost reproducing dreams to communicating through brain waves.

Can you think of how this can be used for truly personalised and creative Music?

Put it all together

Now pair all of the above with immersive experiences, from trippy visuals to engaging virtual worlds.

And live sets from VR-based DJs like OlySounds.

It's something else, right?

In the words of Jean Michel Basquiat: "Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time"

Everything starts with a thought.

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